Shortly after ICC was released to World of Warcraft, Status Quo was created. This is what we called ourselves prior to the extended re-organization. We started off as casual raiding guild with a core of in real life friends that just raided for funs and giggles but a lot of us craved for more, so we decided to start recruiting and go serious. Later on we managed to obtain some very good players into the guild, we started to raid more actively, dedicated and with a lot more focus, After this we managed to clear ICC and started off on the HCs we did cut them down fairly fast, but we had some issues on Sindra HC but nothing we could not handle, And finally we arrived at the Lich King Heroic it took us a few weeks to down him but finally 2 days before cataclysm was released the dream came true after having four 11% wipes we finally downed him!


After our success in WoTLK we had our focus set to be a successful endgame guild. We did set the bar high, and in the start it was looking really good we started off with clearing throne of the four winds, the bastion of twilight and almost all of Blackwing decent while this all happened very fast for each week that passed of Cataclysm we lost a good member due the inescapable fact that the expansion sucked, we repaired the damage of a core member leaving each time but after over half of the original crew left there was just no point in continuing the project in wow so we decided to shut down the guild and look for new and better games.


During our success in World of Warcraft a game called Rift was released and it had a lot of potential in the start. It was polished and ran well, had copied nearly everything good in WoW pretty much straight off and added a few extra nice features. The only problem was the PvP/PvE had very little too offer, Add to that some flawed mechanics here and there such as only one player getting rewarded for a kill while 6 other or so where bashing the target, while we did have a blast in battlegrounds like always we took up PvE and started to raid.

Here we encountered another problem the game was too easy at launch we cleared most of the content within weeks and then we started to go back to PvP and then we hit a wall, we were all max rank in PvP and we had cleared all the PVE content. Shortly after that our membership steadily declined as people lost interest, we don’t blame them there was just simply nothing to do another week or so passed and then we decided to quit the game and rejoin the rest of the community in World of Warcraft.


After our guild died in World of Warcraft only a week passed and then Star Wars: The Old Republic was released some may have called that fate i just think it was pure coincidence anyway, most of us where very excited to see this game since it was made by Bioware and it was a Star Wars MMORPG for some of us that was a dream come true. The game was great in the start and we enjoyed it intensely sure there was a bug here and there and not to the mention the lag in the capital ship but you could survive that.

Once most of us reached max level we started raiding, we were really excited to finally get a taste of the PvE in SW:TOR but we were in for quite the bad experience sure the bosses was looking great and they had some creative mechanics, but there was several issue at launch that really dragged the game down. At minimum 50% of the boss fights had some kind of bug or exploit that took the fun out of it, not to mention the horrible optimization, most of have super high end computers with some serious power and we had FPS issues!?

Despite this we cleared all of the content available at launch on Normal/Hard mode and Nightmare. Once again, we had no more PvE content to kill so we turned to PvP sadly there was not much to do there either, the only fun activity was to play Huttball and we quickly learned too mastered that. There was of course the battle of Illum but it was also so horrible optimized with insane server lag and FPS drop, add this to one seriously bad exploit where people gained max PvP rank by just killing a turret so people quickly lost interest in this “battleground”.

This is where we were about to quit and give up on the game simply because there was just nothing to do, but some of our members decided to step up and say that they would rather take over then see the guild die so that is what happened. Belit was promoted to guild master and the guild was now under his leadership, there was quite the reform during this time and several new members were recruited.

But it was worth it thanks to the new management in star wars the guild survived and cleared even more content as it was released. Operations that the guild cleared in total was such as, The Eternity Vault Normal/Hard mode/Nightmare, Karraga’s Palace Normal/Hard mode/Nightmare, Explosive Conflict Normal/Hard mode/Nightmare and Terror From Beyond Normal/Hard mode.

But during the operation Terror From Beyond the guild ran into new issues, a lot of people became bored of the game and lost their interest. The management started to recruit actively again but without success in the end there was not even enough people online to even get a raid up, after a while of being unable to get raids going it was decided to shut down the guild and the remaining members was invited to join the guild in Guild Wars 2.


During the time the Star wars guild was going great GW2 was released and we had a lot of people that were eager to jump into this game. In the start, it was insanely good GW2 really delivered on everything, great graphics, good game play, awesome lore and much more. We instantly started up a new guild and began to recruit actively, our guild was growing fast with a member roster of over 200 and around 80 unique logins a day we were pretty satisfied with that.

While we had a decent sized guild most of us started reached endgame and we where now looking forward to what GW2 had to offer, in the early weeks it was really looking great there was several dungeons that had multiple paths and different difficulty levels there was no shortage on things to do. Not to mention the PvP, the eternal battleground and borderland battlegrounds were truly huge in scale and it was a very nice place for all the people who craved PvP.

Even though the game was great it wasn’t of course without flaws there was a bug here and there nothing serious mind you, the only game breaking bug was in any of the PvP battlegrounds the servers could not handle the number of players so whenever large scale groups of people would engage each other only half of them would be visible to each other, in other words you could all of a sudden be surrounded by enemies that you never seen before just because of this bug.

While our focus was in the games PvE we still had a lot of members who was really annoyed about this bug since they did PvP frequently, but anyway the games PvE was as i said in the start really good but after farming 5 man dungeons for months without any proper raids a lot of people started to lose interest in the games PvE, it wasn’t that the content was bad or anything it was just not enough to keep a whole guild engaged.

With the current PvE setup you only needed yourself and 4 of your best friends and that is what killed it for myself, there was no reason to have a PvE guild other than the stupid buffs, this system led to that the guild split up and only teamed up with the best of players and new members where left if the dust. We did have a good amount of member who helped out the new guys a lot with booster runs, group setups and so forth but with this PvE design it just didn’t work everyone will hit their booster limit at some point because they want to progress them self.

This made the whole guild feel like one stupid looking for group system since many of the new members only spoke when they wanted a group for a dungeon or something else, maybe it was because we invited anyone who wanted to join, we had an “open door” policy so anyone could join this in turn made the guilds social level very low maybe it was mistake maybe not we do not know for sure.

During this time we started to lose our member base simply because they had completed all the PvE available plus the fact that every third new member we invited quit the guild because they found a cooler name or a better guild buff, we started to recruit actively again but without success. Some weeks passed and the guild was more or less dead with the exception of a few loyal members that were still doing anything to keep the guild going.
The guild master then decided it was time to shut shut down this dying project and so the guild wars 2 guild was disbanded and the few active members still left decided to find new guilds to join up with.

The Elder Scrolls Online

Long before this game was even close to alpha it was on our radar, we have a very high amount of elder scrolls fans in our ranks and once we finally got a hold of some beta keys we where happier then children on Christmas day.
But we were in for a cold shower, when you first entered the game you instantly got that elder scrolls feeling and the excitement started to grow. The game was stunningly beautiful and the voiceover on the quest was some of the best ever made in a game, the music and sounds really made you think you where playing an elder scrolls game because it was so damn good.

Unfortunately, it did not last for very long while the game was beautiful and had good sound it lacked in everything else, it felt like they didn’t put in enough effort to make the game as great as it should have been it was seriously missing its heart and soul.

The game felt like a dumb down version of an elder scrolls game and several huge issues for example, the combat was stale and boring, no stealing, a huge number of bugs, a lot of game crashes, duplicate glitch that destroyed the games economy, grouping up and questing with friends was punishing and much more.

All of this completely ruined game so before the game was even launched we decided not to buy this abysmal title of an Elder Scrolls game.

Post Status Quo

After Status Quos’ last attempt at Guild Wars 2 we decided it was time to move on while still trying to keep our structure. We also wanted to change our community from an open-community to a more closed-community which will make sure we have just the right type of members in the community to achieve our goals! If you have ever wanted to take part of something New with the potential of growing into something great! Our family might be the thing for you, just make sure you enjoy gaming to the extent we do!

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