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04.05.2017, 11:15
As the Star Citizen development moves forward, new organizations are born and people with vested interest in the game crawl out of the background.
Exertus was formed to be a closed but yet open community for any and all. We would like to recruit people into our organization to take part of the massive universe that is to be. Our main focus within the Persistent Universe or PU for short - will be Exploration, Trade & Industry as well as the odd Military job. To this end, we are recruiting actively. It does not matter should you have the smallest of vessel, no vessel at all or your own individual fleet. Share our mindset and strive to make our community stand out whilst doing fun and interesting things within the game - and you are to be a sure fit!

After reading what we are about - and you should still be interested; a few things are expected from you:
  • Have a serious interest in Star Citizen and all of its individual components.
  • Show mutual respect to any and all, the basis of any good community.
  • Enjoy playing with a weird, socially awkward but yet awesome group of people.
  • Understand the english language and be able to use it.
  • Be proficient using TeamSpeak3 as this is our means of communication.
  • Be mature to others, unless you are in a closed channel on TeamSpeak where basically anything goes that does not insult other members. Always.

If you become a part of our community, (let's just make it clear - you can still be a part of it even if you do not join our individual organizations or guilds, just stick around and have fun!) we have a vivid plan concerning what We want to do within the PU:
  • Discover unknown corners of the Universe.
  • Locating derelict ships, repairing said ships and using these.
  • Build an outpost large enough as well as secluded enough for us to carry out or goals from there.
  • Defend our interests within Star Citizen.
  • Create a friendly environment for our members and friends alike.
  • Become self-sufficient enough, not needing any external stakeholder hindering growth and impact.

If you read this far and still think you have what it takes and you might be willing to help achieve our goals whilst laughing uncontrollably during late nights and weekends. Hit us up, post a few lines about yourself - or use the template. This might be an old-fashioned way of recruiting, but letting you write about yourself makes it possible to see how experienced you are and just how much you care about what you do!

For now, thank you and hope to see you on these forums, teamspeak as well as in-game!

Signing off.

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