Status Quo was formed the 17 of August 2010 as a guild in World of Warcraft but Status Quo is more than just a guild in World of Warcraft, we decided to make our guild into a multi-gaming community. The reason to this was to have a place where all our friends could communicate, even if some members changed games. This is exactly what happened, but we all kept contact and met up in new games later on. We also didn’t need to make a new website for every new game that we wanted to talk about. We run this site for our community.

The first thing a lot of people think of when they hear the name we chose, is the well renown English boogie rock-band. However, we are not the gaming community’s embodiment of hundreds of boogie rock-fans. The phrase “Status Quo” is Latin and means literally “the state in which”. To maintain the Status Quo is to keep the things the way they presently are, thus it represents our philosophy of keeping a tightly knit community through a multitude of games. On a quirky tangent, the phrase “status quo ante bellum” is today commonly used in disparaging sentences such as “Nothing happens” or “No progress is being made”.


Our community is open to everyone. The forums provide a selection of both game- and non-game related topics to discuss. From time to time we also host events, in which you can earn rewards for winning. If you are really into our community many of the games here have individual Status Quo guilds or clans. However these have different requirements before you can join them. Som will require you to make an application to get accepted and some won’t. Have no fear though, if you show in your application that you are dedicated, skilled and able to express yourself in english, getting accepted should not be an issue.


We have been around since day one in many MMORPGs. The management have played active parts of administration in several different guilds and games. It stretches as far back as the launch of Guild Wars, Everquest and World of Warcraft. Even though we’ve stayed loyal to the games mentioned, we’ve also had some successful guilds in Age of Conan, Warhammer Online and Aion. At that point, these games did not offer enough content to keep us interested and motivated to put in efforts to let the guild live on.


Currently we are focusing our efforts on Star Citizen and the new community, Exertus. We decided to remake the old community structure while trying to keep the original management roster as intact as possible. At the moment we are trying to accomplish the feat of creating a successful organization in Star Citizen in which we will spend a lot of time!

Exertus Management

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